Personalized Wellness Program for each Employee

Champion the mental wellness initiative with real-time analytics, workshops, and 1-1 sessions.

Our Corporate Partners

“The Art of Mindfulness” workshop conducted by GoodLives was highly enriching and effective. We had around 400 unique participants joining across India & Srilanka. All thanks to you for organizing and conducting a great workshop. The feedback was very encouraging.

Anusha Rahinwal Learning & Development Partner, Airtel

As a virtual HR it is very hard to know which of your employees might be feeling stressed on a particular day. So, it is very important to equip them with tools & techniques, so they can take care of themselves. I commend the GoodLives team for arranging engaging workshops & giving us a chance to connect virtually.

Garima Verma Sr. Human Resource Manager, WedMeGood

Trust me you will see change after a desired amount of time. I saw change in myself & the key takeaways are still helping me through. I’m sure it’ll help others as well. And the Team takes feedback & inculcates in the workflow to improvise the process.

Ayush Tandon Customer Success Manager, 6Sense

It was a great session and the learnings can be taken implemented in day to day life. We really feel these kind of sessions can be conducted in the company very frequently.

Prem Kumar Sr. Human Resource Manager, Embibe

Show (Not Tell) Your Employees That Your Care ❤️

Wellness Workshops

Get Real-Time Insights

Drive Engagement

1-1 Therapy Session for Everyone

GoodLives offers completely confidential and personalized support for every employee.

Make your employees feel taken care of by providing a safe space to vent and find contentment.

Personalized DIY Wellness Content

Help Employees Practice self-care by sending them wellness content tailored only for them.

GoodLives offer personalized content recommendations to each individual based on their needs.

I feel Anxious because I’m




Feeling uncertain

Real-Time Analytics About Everyone

Understand your team’s mood and challenges on the go.

GoodLives mental check-ins take this responsibility and help you keep your team more happy.

Ace Your HR Game with GoodLives!

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Conduct Engaging Workshops

Prevent Burnout

Reduce Attrition

Support Employee Wellness with a 360° View of their Mental Health

Promote Inclusiveness

Higher inclusivity leads to higher engagement & lower attrition

Understand Pain Points

Understand what’s troubling your workforce and take relevant actions

Know How They Are Feeling

Understand individual needs and manage them effectively

Track Your Progress

Track their progress, ensure high productivity and create better engagement

How Big is the Problem in YOUR Organization?

How Big is the Problem in YOUR Organisation?




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Employees with common mental condition
Employees suffering in silence
Employees not showing any signs of distress

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