Gift Goodness!

Have you always wondered how to help a loved one going through a tough Time?

People often find it difficult to seek help or Talk about their problems. 

Gift a Goodness package to let them know you care for them and you are there for them.

Help them get started now!

Gift Goodness now 🙂

Goodness Packages


Gift a Greeting

Send a personalized postcard directly on their Email, Whatsapp, etc.

Ideal for: Reminding someone that you care for them

Start Goodness

Gift a Happy Hour

It can be difficult to deal with your partner's mental health struggles. Send a personalized postcard directly to their inbox along with one Session to get them started on this journey!

Ideal for: People who need a helping hand in seeking therapy

goodness package

Couple Therapy

Some times it can feel exhausting to make your relationship a happy one. Find your love again with kickstarting the journey with a therapist!

Ideal for: Couples who want to work things out and resolve their problems

What Will Your Greetings Look Like?

Have you recently received a postcard from someone?

The charm of sending and receiving letters can never fade with time. .

Isn’t it a beautiful way of expressing that you care?
Send a personalized greeting Now!

YouCare Postcard

How to Gift Goodness?

Want to help a loved one relieve stress? 

Being able to help someone in their journey is now simple!
Send beautiful postcards along with dedicated sessions to relieve stress! 

Step 1: Choose the ideal Gift pack

Step 2: Make the payment

Step 3: Write your personalized message and share the details

Step 4: Goodness Lands on their inbox/phone!


Most frequent questions and answers

You can read our blogs to find more about the problems you are facing. Read about mental health illnesses, their causes, symptoms, etc.
If you are suffering from any mental health problem, we will connect you to the right therapist.

GoodLives offer multiple types of therapy like art therapy, music therapy, talking therapy etc. If you do not have any specific preference GoodLives will map you to the right therapist.

We take your confidentiality as the topmost priority. All therapists associated with GoodLives are bound by the confidentiality agreement.

Although GoodLives charges a minimum amount of fees to make the treatment accessible, But in case someone needs financial assistance to take therapy, you can write to us.