In most parts of the world the LGBTQIA+ community lives a life bounded by its internal and external conflicts. The lack of education and the distinct understanding of the subtle differences between sex and gender often lead to confusion and deep dissatisfaction among those who experience conflict within themselves. 

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Lack of Acceptance

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LGBTQ+ Mental Health

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Finding an LGBTQ+ therapist is very rare

Therapists can help you in reorganizing your thoughts and help you find an alternative approach to life. GoodLives will connect you to the right therapist based on your requirements.

Queer Affirmative Therapists


Rupa Nagarajan

Years of Exp: 6+

Specialization: LGBTQIA+ Counselling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Group Therapy


Sidhanta Borkataky

Years of Exp: 4+

Specialization: Visual Arts, Movement, Music, Drama and anything creative, as a medium to facilitate the therapy process

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If you are suffering from any mental health problem, we will connect you to the right therapist.

GoodLives offer multiple types of therapy like art therapy, music therapy, talking therapy etc. If you do not have any specific preference GoodLives will map you to the right therapist.

We take your confidentiality as the topmost priority. All therapists associated with GoodLives are bound by the confidentiality agreement.

Although GoodLives charges a minimum amount of fees to make the treatment accessible, But in case someone needs financial assistance to take therapy, you can write to us.