We know exactly how it feels to fight your battles alone! We’ve been there too.
We will map you to the Right Therapist. Talk to someone who understands your Mental Health status!


Why GoodLives?

1. We will map you to the Right Therapist

2. No Sign Ups Required

3. Completely Confidential

4. Online Counselling

5. Our team will constantly help you in your Mental Health Journey

About GoodLives

Good Lives aims at helping you find the right guidance about keeping your mental health upright. The vision is to make mental health treatment “accessible” for one and all.

1 on 1 Therapy

We offer therapy through Audio/Video calls & Emails. Get therapy session in the comfortable surroundings of your own home

Multi Lingual

We offer therapy in multiple languages. Our Therapists are expert in Hindi, English, Tamil, Assamese, Urdu


We respect your privacy and promise not to share your data with anyone other than your health professional

Types of Therapy

Different types of therapy available music, expressive arts, and talk-based to help you heal when you can’t express things in words

Our Area of Expertise

Stress Related

Stress Management, Anxiety Management, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Trauma, Postpartum Depression, Loneliness & Identity Crisis

Self Improvement

Anger Issues, Personal Growth, Discipline Issues, Confidence boosting, Inferiority Complex, Focus Retention & Work-Related Issues


Pre-Wedding Jitters, Couple counseling, Family Issues, Break-ups, Marriage Counseling, Building a Meaningful Relationship & Cheating in Relationship

Queer Counseling

Queer Counseling, LGBTQIA+ Counseling, Sexual Orientation Issues, Discrimination & Acceptance Issues & Gender Identity Crisis

Are you confused about what a therapy looks like?

Don’t know when is the right time to take the first step?
Let us help you with it.

Organizations that Trust Us



As a man, it is difficult to talk about my problem. sometimes, you just need a window, and Music therapy helped me to find a way to let it all out.
It feels good to have someone listen to my problems with solutions to offer.
(Name Changed)





I’ve really learned to genuinely smile after a long time. People around me have started to change as well. GoodLives has helped in not only figuring out what was happening, but also in developing a coping mechanism. I can deal with depression better now.
(Name Changed)




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