What is COVID Anxiety?

COVID has hit us hard. It has taken a drastic toll on the well-being of people leading to a surge in COVID anxiety cases. 
We have been surrounded by uncertainty and fears regarding our future and health. Health has become the most important concern for people amidst this uncertainty. People have been struggling with not only their economic and physical well-being but also their mental well-being.

As mental health awareness is low in many parts of the world, people are still confused about what they are feeling and why. Let us learn more about anxiety and its symptoms during COVID-19.

How is COVID-19 taking a toll on the mental health of people?

covid anxiety

Everything seems to be normal from the surface. People are managing their businesses as and when the curfews open, corporate employees are working from home, from the comfort of their houses, and students are attending online lectures and classes.

However, there are multiple aspects to how COVID anxiety may have changed our lives. A tug-of-war is fought between being overly conscious about not getting infected and taking care of necessities.

Everyone is feeling anxious and stuck because of not being able to meet their friends, excessive workloads, or uncertain careers.

covid anxiety

People are also finding it difficult to practice mindfulness or pursue their hobbies in their free time. Financial and economic instability and widespread consumption of negative news are prominent factors adding to the anxiety.

The uncertainty is causing various fears among populations and it is completely okay if they are unable to handle it. Everyone is worried about what is going to happen in the next hour.

Is feeling anxious okay?

Considering that we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, it’s okay to not feel great every morning.

covid anxiety

Feeling anxious is an expected reaction to the pandemic. But feeling anxious and stressed daily can take a harmful toll on one’s mental well-being.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are feeling stressed and fearful. This is something that helps a great deal. Even during these tough times, we have to be true to ourselves.

How to deal with COVID Anxiety?

covid anxiety
We can practice a few healthy ways to cope with all the panic and stress due to uncertainty. Here’s a list of 6 effective ways to cope with COVID anxiety.

1. De Clutter

Our minds can feel full and messed up at times. Decluttering our surroundings can help us to feel fresh and new. This may sometimes help to think positively about situations. It can be different for everyone.

Keep your place clean. It can be exhausting at first but give it a try.

2. Social Media Breaks

News and other information are the only way to keep ourselves informed of the situation going on but it is okay to take periodic breaks. Social media Detox is very important. Our mind needs a break from processing the bulk of information.

3. Self Management

This can be done in numerous ways such as meditating, exercising, taking deep breaths, eating healthy food, avoiding alcohol, and adequate amounts of sleep.

Check out the ultimate beginner’s guide to meditation here

4. Unwind

Invest your time listening to your favourite playlists, making your favourite dish, and practising your old hobbies. Give yourself a break from your daily schedules.

Listen to our Mental Wellness Podcast here.

5. Connect with Friends

Some people find it easier to vent out to any of their close ones in these anxiety-provoking times. Don’t bottle up your emotions and worries. But before talking to a friend or close one, asking about their situation is also very important.

6. Connect with Organisations

Due to increasing awareness about COVID anxiety since this pandemic, people have started recognizing organizations and reaching out to them for help. Asking for help when you are not able to figure out your emotions is completely okay. Acknowledge and reach out. The first step is difficult but important.

GoodLives has been helping out people from all walks of life, by mapping them to the right therapists, who can understand their mental health status.

You don’t have to fight this battle alone. They’ve been helping people from various countries to figure out how to cure their anxiety and stress. There is no harm in talking about what you are feeling.

COVID Anxiety Relief Sessions

According to a research brief published by the World Health Organization, the prevalence of anxiety and depression surged dramatically worldwide by 25% in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic (WHO). “The information we have now about the impact of COVID-19 on the world’s mental health is just the tip of the iceberg,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “This is a wake-up call to all countries to pay more attention to mental health and do a better job supporting their populations’ mental health.”

Considering the drastic effects of COVID on the mental well-being of people, we have started a campaign to provide free COVID anxiety relief sessions. You will be guided to the right therapists who will understand your struggles better.

To avail your free COVID Anxiety relief session, click here. 

Professional help is important when COVID anxiety starts to disrupt your daily life.

You can not only avail of free sessions but also donate free sessions and GoodLives will provide those on your behalf. Gratitude always helps to stay calm and kindness goes a long way.

Don’t battle COVID Anxiety alone and let GoodLives handle it for you. Click here to know more.


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