how to improve memory power
how to improve memory power

‘Do you ever look at someone and wonder… what is going on inside their head’ ~happy from inside Out

What is Memory Power?

Memory is like the colorful sparkles added to a cake after it is baked! Having memory power adds flavor as well as color to a pale simple life.

The intellectual power-scientifically-is actually just like muscular strength. It is the power to retain and recall information and past experiences. The memory power in your brain allows you to access tons of things — ranging from simple multiplication tables to embarrassing moments. The word memory complies with both the respective facts and experiences you remember as well as the brain’s ability to contain it all.

‘To observe attentively is to remember distinctly!’ ~Edgar Allen Poe

Why Do We Need To Have Good Memory Power?

The world is filled with distractions and chaos. To lead a successful life, focus has to be the key. And memory helps you focus better. From time to time new technologies and advancements beg for attention. Recalling and attaining past memories, keeps the mind focused and at its full potential. Moreover having a sharp memory serves a good purpose at the office, at family, or friend gatherings. Following through, a good memory power also helps in any job you do, remembering terms and procedures helps with fast learning and rapid growth!

How To Improve Memory Power?

By now I am confident you know what importance a good memory serves! Now, to help you through this journey listed below are some of the top suggestions to support in improving your photographic memory.

1) Learning something new

Attempting to try something new every day or every week can really make your brain work more efficiently, and also improve your remembrance. The ‘something new’ doesn’t always have to be something tough or daring. You can just simply learn quilting or pick a new comfortable language. This way you always will have something exciting going on in your daily plain routine too.

2) Schedule and organize

how to improve memory power
how to improve memory power

To improve your memory skills it is essential that you first organize your data. When you manage all your tasks, a crystal clear picture is painted in your head which in turn helps you remember eidetically. If you have all your emotions and day-to-day chores mixed up it is much more likely for you to get puzzled and forget the stuff. To get over this problem you can try making a to-do list, where you write down all your day’s duties. Try writing down the checklist on paper instead of typing digitally, because it is easier to remember something that you had written than something you had typed down.

3) Power of Visualization

Visualizing any concept idea or abstract in your head is a great way to imprint it in your long-term memory resulting in having good memory power. When you imagine something in your brain rather than just listening and forgetting, you understand the concept making it reliable in your long-term memory

4) Consume Less Added Sugar

You may wonder, ‘what has sugar to do with anything related to memory power?’ Well, let’s clear out the clouds…
Throughout the system, excess sugar is toxic. Even a single instance of elevated glucose in the bloodstream can be proven harmful to the brain, resulting in slowed cognitive function and deficits in attention and memory. Moreover too much added sugar like sodas and concentrated beverages not only harms the brain i.e. the memory but also paves way for other health diseases.

5) Try Meditating

how to improve memory power
how to improve memory power

If you want to increase your memory power naturally mediating needs to be a part of your lifestyle. Meditating for at least 20 minutes a day can really prove to increase your memory power really fast. Adding that routine meditation increases blood flow to the brain, which leads to a stronger network of blood vessels in the cerebral cortex reinforcing the memory capacity.

6) Don't view a bright screen just before bed

The blue light that your smartphone emits doesn’t ideally harm your vision, but also your brain. The bright screen from any device like TV, computers, laptops or phones can suppress melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone primarily associated with control over the sleep-wake cycle. By having suppressed or damaged melatonin your sleep cycle is disturbed probably making you sleep deprived. Which in turn makes it hard for your brain to remember stuff as it is reckless and tired. So the only advice I give you is to put away the phones!

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7) Try attempting brain teasers every now and then

Attempting brain teasers is a really good way to keep your brain on its toes. This way the neurons in your brain always stay alert and grab as much information as possible.

8) Get some sleep!

It is long known that sleep is needed in order to attain the fresh and working capacity of the brain. A study published in 2014 found that sleeping after learning something new actually leads to physical changes in the brain. Sleep has a huge role to play in terms of memory consolidation. It is a process in which short-term memories are amplified and inscribed into long-lasting memories. Sleeping is probably your answer to the question ‘How to improve memory power naturally’

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